We’re remodeling our showroom!

In order to truly be able to understand our customers, many of whom are living in their homes through messy, inconvenient home remodels, we’re remodeling our showroom and offices while working in them!  All jokes aside, though, we are very excited for the new form our showroom is soon to take.  We are changing how we use our space, creating workstations with large screens where you and our designers can easily collaborate on designs, and sample stations where the myriad options available to you for countertops, doorstyles, finishes, decorative hardware, and so much more, will be organized and easy to view.  We hope this new format will help make your experience a bit more comfortable and convienient, and make all your difficult decisions a go a little more and smoothly as you embark on your task of transforming your space into something really beautiful and functional!

Come visit us towards the end of January 2015 to see our new space!